Do people prefer ebooks or paper books?

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Beach-Ready Books: Do People Prefer E-Books or Paper Books?

A new study by Stora Enso has revealed that 65% of people around the world prefer reading physical books, as opposed to 21% who prefer e-books. This means that more than three times as many people prefer paper books to e-books.

The study surveyed people from all over the world, and found that the preference for physical books was consistent across different countries and cultures. The survey also found that people who prefer physical books are more likely to take them on holiday, and to buy books specifically for the purpose of reading them on the beach.

This preference for physical books may be due to the fact that people enjoy the tactile experience of turning pages and the physicality of the book itself. People also often prefer the look and feel of physical books, and may find them more aesthetically pleasing than e-books.

The survey also revealed that people who prefer physical books are more likely to buy books as gifts, and to give books as presents. This suggests that physical books may be seen as more special and meaningful than e-books.

Overall, the survey suggests that people prefer physical books to e-books, and that they are more likely to buy physical books as gifts and to take them on holiday. This could be due to the tactile experience of physical books, as well as their aesthetic appeal.

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Written by Jordan Farrell

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