Is Barnes and Noble getting rid of Nook?

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On March 3, 2022, Barnes & Noble announced that it will be phasing out its NOOK audiobooks platform and app. This move comes as the company looks to streamline its services and focus on its core products. As of September 12, 2022, the existing website and NOOK Audiobooks app will no longer be available or technically supported, so access to any existing content is only possible via the new Barnes & Noble NOOK App and

The Barnes & Noble NOOK App is available for both iOS and Android devices and allows customers to access their NOOK library, purchase and download books, and access their NOOK Audiobooks library. Customers can also access the NOOK Audiobooks library via The app and website will provide access to the same content that was available on the NOOK Audiobooks platform, including audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers.

Barnes & Noble is encouraging customers to transfer their NOOK Audiobooks library to the new platform before September 12, 2022. Customers can do this by logging into their NOOK Audiobooks account and selecting the “Transfer Library” option. This will transfer their library to the new platform, allowing them to continue to access their content.

The decision to phase out the NOOK Audiobooks platform is part of Barnes & Noble’s ongoing efforts to streamline its services and focus on its core products. The company is also working to improve its customer experience by providing customers with a more unified and integrated experience across its products and services.

Barnes & Noble is committed to providing customers with the best possible experience and is confident that the new NOOK App and will provide customers with a better way to access their content.

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Written by Jordan Farrell

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