Is Kindle subscription free for Prime members?

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Do Prime Members Get Kindle Unlimited for Free?

Amazon Prime members may be wondering if they can get Kindle Unlimited for free. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Kindle Unlimited is not included with Amazon Prime.

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service that gives you access to over one million titles, thousands of audiobooks, and select magazines. You can read as much as you want, anytime you want, and on any device with the Kindle app. It is a great way to discover new authors and genres, as well as to keep up with your favorite series.

However, Kindle Unlimited is not included with Amazon Prime. If you want to access Kindle Unlimited, you will need to pay a monthly subscription fee. The fee is currently $9.99 per month, and you can cancel at any time.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you may be wondering if there are any benefits to signing up for Kindle Unlimited. The answer is yes. Kindle Unlimited subscribers get exclusive access to a rotating selection of Kindle books, magazines, and audiobooks that are not available to non-subscribers. They also get access to Amazon First Reads, which gives them the chance to read a new book before it is released to the public.

So, while Kindle Unlimited is not included with Amazon Prime, it is still worth considering if you are an avid reader. With the wide selection of books, magazines, and audiobooks available, you are sure to find something to enjoy.

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Written by Jordan Farrell

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