Sullivan’s College Algebra (10th Edition)

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ISBN9780321979476/ 9780321999412
AuthorsMichael Sullivan


Sullivan’s College Algebra has long been recognized as a leading textbook for students studying algebra at the college level. In its 10th edition, this renowned textbook continues to provide a comprehensive and accessible approach to mastering the fundamental principles of algebra. In this blog post, we will delve into the key features, pedagogical strategies, and overall effectiveness of Sullivan’s College Algebra, offering an insightful review for students and educators alike.

1. Overview of Sullivan’s College Algebra

Sullivan’s College Algebra (10th Edition) presents a systematic and well-organized approach to learning algebra. The textbook covers a wide range of topics, including equations, functions, matrices, graphing, logarithms, and more. Each chapter begins with clear learning objectives, providing students with a roadmap of what they will achieve throughout the chapter. The content is presented in a logical sequence, building upon previously acquired knowledge, which facilitates a smooth progression through the material.

2. Comprehensive Content

The 10th edition of Sullivan’s College Algebra is known for its extensive coverage of algebraic concepts. The textbook offers a balanced blend of theory, examples, and applications, ensuring students gain a thorough understanding of the subject. The explanations are concise and accessible, with step-by-step procedures that guide students through problem-solving techniques.

The book’s real-world applications and contextualized examples help students connect algebraic concepts to practical situations. This approach enhances students’ motivation and understanding by demonstrating the relevance of algebra in various fields, such as business, economics, and the sciences.

3. Pedagogical Features 

Sullivan’s College Algebra employs various pedagogical features to support student learning. Each chapter contains numerous exercises, ranging from basic drills to more challenging problems, enabling students to practice and reinforce their understanding. The solutions to select exercises are provided at the end of the textbook, allowing students to self-assess their progress.

The inclusion of detailed examples throughout the book helps students grasp the underlying principles and techniques. The step-by-step solutions guide learners through the problem-solving process, illustrating the proper application of algebraic methods. Moreover, the book incorporates a variety of learning aids, such as margin notes, summaries, and highlighted key terms, to enhance comprehension and retention.

5. Enhanced Online Resources

Sullivan’s College Algebra (10th Edition) offers an array of online resources that complement the textbook. These resources include interactive practice quizzes, additional exercises, video tutorials, and a comprehensive instructor’s manual. These supplementary materials enable students to further engage with the content, receive immediate feedback, and strengthen their understanding.


Sullivan’s College Algebra (10th Edition) is a comprehensive and user-friendly textbook that effectively equips students with the necessary skills to succeed in algebra. With its systematic approach, real-world applications, and pedagogical features, the book offers a solid foundation for mastering algebraic concepts. Whether you are a college student seeking to excel in your algebra course or an educator searching for a reliable textbook, Sullivan’s College Algebra proves to be an invaluable resource. By providing clear explanations, abundant examples, and extensive practice exercises, this textbook fosters a deep understanding of algebra and prepares students for further mathematical endeavors. Embracing Sullivan’s College Algebra will undoubtedly empower students to confidently tackle the challenges of college-level algebra and unlock a world of mathematical possibilities.

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