What is the largest collection of free eBooks?

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Project Gutenberg is the first and largest single collection of free electronic books, or eBooks. It is a project of the U.S. Library of Congress and UNESCO, and was founded in 1971 by Michael Hart. The database contains millions of copyright free books and speeches, all available for free download.

Project Gutenberg is the world’s largest library of free eBooks. It offers over 60,000 titles, and more than 100,000 titles are available in various formats. The library is constantly growing, with new titles being added every day. All of the eBooks are in the public domain, meaning that they are free to download and share.

Project Gutenberg is an invaluable resource for anyone looking for free eBooks. It has a wide selection of books from all genres, including classics, non-fiction, fiction, and even textbooks. The library also offers audio books, which can be downloaded in MP3 format.

Project Gutenberg is an important part of the digital revolution. It has made it possible for people to access a vast library of books without having to pay for them. This has allowed people to read books that they would not have been able to access otherwise.

Project Gutenberg is a great resource for anyone looking for free eBooks. It is constantly growing, and new titles are added every day. It is a great way to find books that you may not have been able to access otherwise.

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